OutKlass offers a variety of ways to spark your interest in healthy foods, from a one to one consultation incorporating a session summary, visual aids and regular body composition testing to group seminars and presentations.

We each have personal goals when it comes to health and fitness. These can range from reducing high blood pressure to achieving a fat reduction. Nutrition plays a significant role in helping to achieve all health and fitness goals, nutrition is the pathway to optimal training, it will help your body function properly and encourage weight maintenance if at certain times you are unable to train. We offer nutritional advice and programs as part of all our personal training services.

How OutKlass Nutrition can help you:

  • Improve your energy levels
  • Assist and track weight loss or gain
  • Provide general dietary information to help with high blood pressure or high cholesterol (non-medical)
  • Improve sports performance (sports nutrition)
  • Understanding of how to eat healthily for the rest of your life

Myth Busting

  1. To lose weight – just eat less
  2. Easting carbs makes you fat
  3. Eating late at night is bad for you
  4. Hard/excessive training is all you need to lose weight
  5. Slimming pills are the ideal solution
  6. Low/reduced fat foods are always better for you
  7. Eating grapefruit (or one food alone) will help you lose weight
  8. Lifting weights will make you bulk up not lose weight.